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The Boyum Pack is rather like the iPad or iPhone of the SAP Business One market. The B1UP is the underlying platform, think of this as Apple solving the usability conundrum for phones and tablets. The B1UP makes SAP Business One a usable, intuitive place for the user to work, just as Apple made the iPhone and iPad immediately accessible and easy to control.

Now the customer wants to add features to SAP Business One, rather like an iPhone user would want to download an app. In the world of the Boyum Pack the equivalent of an “app” is a “module” – the customer can activate one or many modules and apply these to the Boyum Pack.

“Utilizing the B1UP loop functionality and the vast capabilities that come with it I was able to not only rework the process, but improve it to a whole new level. We LOVE B1UP…it is true business genius and never ceases to amaze.”
Sarah Schagelin, Business Systems Analyst

“We have worked with Boyum Usability and Productivity for more than a year, and we continue to be amazed at its sheer versatility. The ‘Document Manager’ and ‘Print and Delivery’ modules have enabled us to convert to a completely paperless workflow. Simply put, Boyum is the only add-on we couldn’t live without.”
Hillel Sackstein, President, Virtual Graffiti Inc.

B1 Usability package

Customizing SAP Business One is not always a simple exercise and sometimes requires either the usage of the Software Development Kit (SDK) or the intervention of a technical consultant.

With B1UP users can:

  • Tailor SAP Business One – Redesign SAP Business One screens and menus
  • Create new workflow and business rules on the fly
  • Save time and automate your work
  • Create easy access links inside and out of SAP Business One
  • Reduce errors – Make sure the right data is entered

B1UP allows all that without being a developer – you can do it yourself.

“B1UP has allowed our company to operate at an optimal level. We have seen significant cost savings by streamlining processes through the module enhancement capabilities that Boyum offers”
Kate Burdge, Systems Manager

B1 Print & Delivery

An advanced Crystal Report integration enabling users to:

  • Setup printing, saving, emailing and much more…
  • Email, save or print all your communication with customers and vendors from SAP Business One.
  • Easily set up any business rules for sent out.
  • Define different layout in different languages.
  • Define when a document (Email, PDF etc…) should be sent with an easy to use schedule.

B1 Time Task

Where does the time go? Whether you need to know for billing purposes or just want a better idea of how your employees work day is split up, you can always answer that question with B1 Time Task.

With B1UP users can:

  • Create external tasks for customers.
  • Create internal tasks to track your employees time and activities.
  • Assign different employees to register time against these tasks.
  • Register time against travel time and distance.
  • Billing wizard in one run.
  • Use web portal to track time while on the go.

B1 Time Task is the key to optimizing project and resource management, managing costs and driving profitable behavior throughout your organization.

B1 Mailchimp

The module is connected to MailChimp’s Online Newsletter platform, one of the most sophisticated and easy-to-use newsletter tools with well over 3 million users internationally who uses it to design and send email marketing campaigns.

This marketing tool is free to use providing your mailing list is under 2000 recipients.

The B1 MailChimp Module offers integration between contacts in SAP Business One and newsletter recipients in MailChimp, providing an easy way for you to design your own campaigns, broadcast your news and special offers to your customer base as frequently as you like, and then monitor these marketing pushes to see how effective they are.

B1 Document Manager

B1 Document Manager is a tool for companies wishing to monitor their attached files more closely (e.g. ISO certifications) and enrich them with associations to SAP projects, profit centers, documents etc. B1 Document Manager enables you to administer documents outside SAP Business One on a designated server, but you can still find these documents in SAP Business One easily with a powerful search screen.

This is made possible by B1 Document Manager’s highly configurable keyword system which allows users to create predefined and custom search-terms for files located in business partner and item folders. By doing so it is possible to search for specific documents that are placed inside the SAP Business One database AND in a designated folder on a server.

B1 Budget

In SAP Business One you can make budgets on accounts. With B1 Budget you can now also make budgets on customers and items and run budget reports detailing Management and Sales.

This means that users can easily see which parts of the business are on budget and which parts are not. Customer budgets and item budgets can be made on customer/item group level and/or directly at customer/item level.