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LS One for Retail

Don’t get swept away by the competition

Retail business is rife with challenges: from handling a large inventory, to staff management, to costs control, it is not easy to run a retail operation. The biggest variable – that can make or break your business – is without a doubt the customer. In the competitive and fast-paced retail world, businesses that want to succeed need to be able to satisfy their customers, providing them with superior service. When customers enter your stores they expect to find a wide range of products, accurate and flexible service, fast checkout lines and personalised offers – to name just a few popular demands.

Is your business able to offer its customers all of these, and more?

Why choose LS One?

LS One: all the retail features you need – and more

Offer superior customer service with:

  • Personalised experiences anywhere on the sales floor with the mobile POS
  • Rapid management of product exchanges, returns and voids
  • Flexible setup of offers, discounts and promotions
  • Upselling and cross-selling tools
  • Loyalty programs and customer-based prices and much more

LS One integration to SAP B1

Thousands of businesses, including many retailers, use SAP Business One to power their operations.
Until today, in order to manage their sales effectively, handle customer loyalty and offer discounts and promotions, retailers have had to integrate separate Point of Sale solutions to their SAP Business One ERP. These ERP-POS integrations can be costly and time-consuming, often requiring the involvement of IT experts with niche knowledge.
Not anymore.

Today you can get a POS with all the retail features you need, integrated with SAP Business One out of the box.

LS One Hospitality

Can you dish out outstanding customer service, even during lunch rush?
The hospitality industry is fiercely competitive. When customers enter a dining establishment they expect excellent food, rapid and high-quality service, and great prices – possibly with special offers and promotions.
Restaurateurs need to be able offer their diners everything they request and more, if they wish to maintain loyalty and grow their customer base.

Yet, catering for customers to perfection is far from easy. From handling tables and bills, to managing a kitchen from which dishes have to come out in the right order and in a timely fashion, to making sure that costs do not run out of control, the restaurant business is extremely intricate.

How to manage all the back-office complications and provide guests with the outstanding experience that will make them satisfied, returning customers?