Visual QuikPOS System : Your POS system is the lifeline of your operations

Visual QuikPOS System is a complete, integrated point-of-sale, inventory control and cash office management system designed to be the most powerful, flexible, yet easy to use point-of-sale system.

Every feature and function of the system was designed to provide the maximum amount of control over the system, while maintaining a simplicity that streamlines every phase of operation.

SAP Business One Integration

Visual QuikPOS POS is fully integrated with SAP Business One. There is no need for manual intervention. All data will have its proper G/L entries automatically. This lessens manual work and assures all users of the security and integrity of their data.


The modular structure of the application lets you determine which users will have access to particular modules.  The sales clerk can process all types of transactions, from sales to returns, voids and cancels, even to hold several transactions if there is anything in question.  While the back-office user can enter a myriad of SKU’s, EDP numbers and barcode numbers in inventory.  Management, on the other hand, will be able track daily past and present sales by store, product, supplier or product category by the hour month by month or by years through the graphical Sales Performance calendar.  The facility to maneuver through all the reporting and analysis functions will give you the edge over your competitors.

Standalone Capability

Each transaction is logged twice for security purposes.  Once, in the server and the second time, in the POS workstation.  However, in unavoidable cases wherein the server or the network is down, the Visual QuikPOS POS software can run on standalone mode such that it will continue processing each transaction without interruption.  Furthermore, it can automatically check if the system is up and will transfer all offline transaction details without human intervention.

Head Office Consolidator

For a centralised set up, we have the head office consolidator. Since it is centralised, only the head office can do the updating of prices and inventory master files. Sales status and stock on hand of each branch can also be viewed at the head office side, while the branch will be limited to receiving of goods and sales.