NETRONIC’s software suite for Managing time- and resource-centric planning data

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With NETRONIC’s visual scheduling software you grow your company through an increased operational agility. The better understanding of your time – and resource-oriented planning data lets you act faster and turn time into money.

The Visual Production Scheduler (VPS) is an add-in that fully integrates into the manufacturing module of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The VPS provides the user with an interactive visual production plan to better deal with production orders and capacities and to quickly react to any unplanned incident on the shop floor. The VPS is based on the Dynamics NAV standard functionality and does not require a change of any existing NAV object. Hence, it can get installed and up & running in minutes rather than in hours or days.

The Visual Jobs Scheduler (VJS) is an add-in that fully integrates into the jobs & resource planning module of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The VJS provides the user with an interactive project and resource schedule and allows an easy and intuitive drag & drop scheduling of jobs, job tasks, job planning lines and resources. The add-in is based on the Dynamics NAV standard functionality and can get installed without changing any existing NAV object.

The Visual Service Scheduler (VSS) is an add-in that ties into the service and resource planning modules of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It enables the Dynamics NAV to intuitively schedule service orders, service item lines and resources via drag and drop. The VSS is the visual representation of the standard service dispatch board. It is fully based on the standard Dynamics NAV objects and does not require any change to the standard NAV.

The Visual Advanced Production Scheduler (VAPS) is an extension designed for manufacturers requiring more advanced scheduling capabilities than offered by standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • VAPS-Production Order Status View-small

    Production Order Status View – coloring by order status

  • VAPS-Availability View

    Availability View – see material shortage at one glance

  • VAPS-Waiting Times View

    Waiting Times View – your fast-track to spot bottlenecks

  • VAPS-Focus Mode

    Focus Mode – just focus on one production order and the required machines

In addition to the functionalities included in our proven VPS, VAPS also offers:

  • interactive forward scheduling with finite capacities
  • alternative machine centers (incl. production coefficients for runtime and setup)
  • material availability on production order level
  • (virtual) standby resources in every work center
  • creation of multiple schedule simulations and publishing the best to Business Central
  • capability to pin operations
  • meaningful color schemes to focus on various scheduling aspects