NETiKA will be in attendance at the 2019 SMB Innovation Summit in order to track and collaborate with industry professionals on ideas and solutions that benefit you – our clients and future clients. We’ll obtain the knowledge for your power!

Why is it important for you to know that we care about this?

“Time and tide wait for no man” is an ancient phrase dating back at least 800 years. We often hear it and pay little attention to it. It indicates that as humans, our power, however great, is ultimately limited in comparison to something as constant as time. In modern terms, it can be said that ‘Progress and innovation wait for no man’. You either adopt practices and tools that give you the edge to thrive or you play the precarious game of catch up. In the commercial world, it pays to partner with those that see the paradigm shift early and help to affect the change needed to help strengthen your business ahead of the competition. If NETiKA are not currently your SAP partner of choice, ask your current partner if they are attending the Summit. If not, why not?

Watch this space for updates later in March regarding change and also change on the horizon! We’ll be sure to share them with you.


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