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The Online Availability of Dynamics 365 Is Its Big Draw. But It Has Offline Capabilities Too.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 users not in the office or at a client with a wireless Internet connection can tap benefits of the CRM system. The following are some examples off offline capabilities.

  • Choose the Microsoft Dynamics 365 data you take with you when you go offline.By default, your appointments, contacts and tasks go to your local drive. But you can decide which Dynamics data you can access offline. And you can reset the filters every time you go offline. By specifying only the data you need on the go, you avoid wasting valuable device memory, and keep information on your laptop, tablet or phone fresh.
  • View and create records offline.The mobile Dynamics 365 apps save recently used records. You can access them when you’re disconnected from the Internet. Once you’re back online, sync your changes with Dynamics 365. Until you do, your drafts are available only on your mobile device.
  • Capture new information as draft records.While disconnected, you can create standalone records and associate records to those available for offline access on your device. When you’re connected again, save the new accounts, contacts and activities. However, you can’t create an opportunity for an account while offline if you also created the account while offline.
  • Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook.If you travel to a customer’s site, you can look up your Dynamics 365 contacts, review and add new notes without connecting to the Internet. Changes you make while you’re offline are stored locally. When you connect to the server again, the changes automatically sync with the Dynamics 365 server.

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