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beas for Manufacturing

Beas functions

beas manufacturing concentrates on a number of additional modules for manufacturing industries in order to map their business processes. Using configuration wizards, these can be easily adapted in the application.

Master Data
Materials Management
Production Order Mgmt.
Quality Control
Version & Revision Control
Calculation / Product Cost
Product Configurator/Variants
Business Performance
Time & Production Data
Project Management
Supply Chain Management
Maintenance / Service
Mobile & Web Modules
External Manufacturing
Machine & Process Data
Workflow & Event Mgmt.
Integration Hub
Technology / Tools

References – Satisfied customers are our goal

The quality of a software solution can only really be judged by those who use it daily.

Aerospace & defense

“beas offers us a nice package that integrates seamlessly into Business One. You don’t even know it’s a separate add-in module; it’s that seamless.”

Carney Vensel, Director of International IT, Lord Corporation
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“We were looking for a system to help us managing mainly our production. beas is a perfect match for SAP (Business One) and covers each and every need we have.”

Santos Esteban, IT Director, Acatec Aeronautics


“Whether it was in production planning, production or logistics, we were able to automatize processes in all areas, which save us a lot of time.”

Pawel Kaczkowski, CIO, Dr. Freist Automotive (DFA)
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“The support of competent partners made a fast and very easy change to SAP Business One and beas ERP/SCM possible. Now our business processes are more effective and more seamless than before. Further ideas of improvement will be following up successive.”

Lars Engert, head of IT, Trecolan
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“Investment protection is at least as important as functionality when purchasing an ERP solution. The quantity of installations and the knowledge in manufacturing operations guarantee innovations from which we can profit. We were impressed by the presentation of the system and the references.”

Manuel Büdenbender, head of IT, Muhr Metalltechnik
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Machinery & Components

“With support from SAP plus beas we can realize management target according to the modern lean manufacturing easily. This system obviously enhances our performances, i.e., the inventory fell from 17 million RMB to 7 million one year after we implemented beas, and the revenue increased 20 percent at the meantime.”

Jian Wang, President, CBM

“The logic management of SAP with beas MRP helps us to improve our purchasing processes. It also helps us to maintain an optimal inventory level and to plan our production efficiently, ensuring a delivery time to our customers that makes us competitive.”

Manuel Inglés, Vice General Manager, Himoinsa

“Unlimited flexibility combined with a maximum of control became real. Thanks to SAP Business One and beas we are able to react faster to the needs of our customers and have significantly improved our production efficiency”

Sven Dreiling, CEO, Dreiling Maschinenbau GmbH
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Metal Processing

“We benefit in many different ways from the highly integrated, end-to-end ERP solution provided by SAP Business One and the beas enhancements. It enables us to carry out our daily duties faster, better and more efficiently. With just a few mouse clicks, for example, we can call up sales or added value figures. The solution is clearly an important productivity tool for us.”

Oliver Secker, Production Manager, Mauser + Co. GmbH

“We were very pleased with how well the project ran.”

Chris Glew, Co-owner & Office Manager, Exeloo
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Packaging Industry

“A powerful tool that fits perfectly into our industrial environment! SAP Business One with the addon beas covers all of our business processes while remaining simple to use.”

Yann Lagadeuc, Managing Director, Greif
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“Better control of all areas in our company – from room service to management, from financials to warehouse management and production. SAP Business One made us more effective, we could generate new potential for growth.”

Martin Ludwig, CEO, Lureg-Industrie
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Plastics Processing

“beas covers suppliers industry well and flexible at support of mixed manufacturing scheduling, especially at resource utilization optimization.”

Benny Gao, IT Manager, Menshen


“beas for Chemicals provides us with a globally available end-to-end solution which integrates seamlessly with SAP Business One. It’s impossible to tell whether you’re currently working with the beas industry expansions or SAP Business One.”

Carney Vensel, Director of International IT, Lord Corporation
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Food & Beverages

“We didn’t think that an ERP implementation can be carried out as quickly and competently. SAP Business One, in connection with the beas industry solution ‘Food’, has made our production calculable. Seasonal production peaks are now better planned.”

Christian Rabbel, CEO, Rabbel
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Other Industries

“With beas we got a comprehensive solution, an excellent integration of SAP and beas industry solutions. With beas and SAP Business One we connected and integrated central business processes from sales and accounting to production and retail solutions in all departments of AV Group.”

Udo Papenberg, CEO, AV Design
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