Back in February 2020, before the World was turned upside-down, we won a deal to deliver SAP B1 as a localised solution for Classic Fine Foods on behalf of a global partner from the UK, Balloon One. The fantastic thing about this deal, is that we have been working with Classic Fine Foods for over a decade already, as they had previously been running on Navision. We know their business, we know their staff and so it was great for us to be able to maintain that shared experience and knowledge as we moved them into a new era.
The decision to unify solutions regionally under SAP had been made for obvious reasons. A big project like this is never easy, and certainly harder when your consultants are unable to get into Vietnam to train in a hands on way, vertical solutions for warehousing, purchasing and logistics! Well-done to Balloon One for their agility and to Classic Fine Foods for their dedication and commitment to success whilst making the best of those challenges!

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