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Over the past few years, self-service analytics has swept across the world’s largest enterprises. Last year, we saw governments begin to embrace this same approach, with IT and organization leadership coming together to make data analytics a priority for the entire institution.

Where are things headed next? We asked our experts who serve hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. Here are two of the seven predictions we see coming this year.

Modern BI becomes just BI

According to Gartner’s 2016 Business Intelligence Magic Quadrant, we’ve moved “past the tipping point of a more than 10- to 11-year transition away from IT-centric reporting platforms to modern BI and analytics platforms.” Last year, we saw this shift finally take an initial hold with governments, moving analytics into the hands of those who have the actual questions, but traditionally have had to ask someone else for an answer. This year, we predict this trend of “modern BI” will become the standard, bringing its trusted, scalable, and self-service attributes across entire organizations. More and more governments will embrace these analytics platforms that empower even non-analysts to explore governed data sets and collaborate with everyone in their institutions to make strategic, data-driven decisions.

The era of open data in government arrives

Data continues to expand at an exponential rate, and perhaps nowhere more so than in government. In 2017, more and more government entities will embrace opening and sharing their data to the public, ushering in a new era of transparency and accountability. This means that all stakeholders, citizens included, will be able to connect to information that has been difficult to access or impossible to analyze, allowing them to be a collaborative partner with governments in ways that were not possible before. Governments will be motivated to develop policies that are citizen-centric, and will be held accountable for the results of its strategies and programs.

By: ROBERT DOLAN – Market Segment Director for Public Sector at Tableau – May 2, 2017

Source: Tableau Blog

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