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Choosing a cloud strategy involves many considerations including affordability, security, flexibility, and convenience.

The more organizations work through such considerations; the more leaders understand that the cloud cannot always satisfy their needs in a cookie-cutter approach. Growing businesses need options to create solutions that reflect their unique needs, especially as they enter new markets and evolve their business with their customers.

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud empowers business and IT operations to unlock the full value of SAP HANA in the cloud. We offer the only end-to-end, industry-oriented, managed cloud solution that includes a comprehensive application landscape and suite of managed services all delivered by SAP.

Through our engagement with thousands of customers, it has become clear that we are in a unique position to take them to the next level by combining current public cloud possibilities to offer a dynamic, secure, and hybrid platform that can provide reduced complexity and increased levels of scalability, elasticity, and automation.

SAP is now giving these customers the option to choose a secure public cloud infrastructure for their SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud deployments, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the first cloud provider to enable this offering. As a result, SAP will provide a fully managed and integrated deployment of SAP customer landscapes on the secure, scalable public cloud infrastructure. With this model, SAP will own and deliver the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud managed service and supporting services on a public cloud infrastructure, while maintaining the same core benefits that SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud customers have come to expect.

Businesses no longer must choose between their private cloud and public cloud strategy; they can now engage in a cloud strategy that is uniquely their own.

“This offering provides customers the best of both worlds – access to a scalable and innovative public cloud combined with the services and solution expertise of SAP.” said Ron Leveke, director of IT for Albaugh, LLC, which just completed a pilot with SAP and AWS. “This is the beginning of a radical convergence and we are excited to work with the leader in enterprise applications and the leader in the cloud to support our business success into the future.”

Here are five ways that customers will benefit from this collaboration with AWS:

  1. Unlocking SAP HANA Value:Confidently leverage SAP experts who will architect the right comprehensive solution for hybrid cloud environment to optimize business outcomes.
  2. Simplified IT landscape:A one-stop solution and a single point of accountability. Bring together layers of systems, technical support, applications, and innovation cycles, rather than navigating between various vendors and platforms.
  3. Reduced time to realize business value:A coordinated, professional, and managed service model, equipped with pre-built tools designed to shorten implementation cycles and instantly expand and scale workloads around the globe.
  4. Reduced risk:Unparalleled expertise in SAP HANA and cloud best practices. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud managed more than 2,300 SAP HANA databases globally. No other provider comes close.
  5. Advantages of running on a digital core:Take advantage of reduced implementation times, tailored deployment models, and cloud expertise, which allows business to benefit from a digital core enabled by SAP HANA.

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud: An Option for Businesses of All Sizes

With these and other benefits of the collaboration, development teams at companies of all sizes have the opportunity to make the best decisions on how they operate, generate revenue, and win in a marketplace that never stands still. With the unified power of SAP safeguarding the path for innovation, paired with the scale and elasticity of the public cloud, your business can realize new cloud possibilities.

May 16, 2017 by Stephen Spears

Source: SAP News Center

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