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Whitepaper – The Changing Retail World

In a world that sees us connected in unparalleled ways, the impact societal changes have made on retailing have created greater operational challenges. The connected shopper now shifts between traditional store purchases and online transactions with ease, and today’s retailer has to embrace the omnichannel revolution in order to thrive.

Read iVend Retail’s latest whitepaper ‘The Changing Retail World’, where we explore the rise of omnichannel retailing and the technology challenges that have risen as a result of it. The whitepaper analyses the changing Australian retail landscape, the modern connected customer and the advantages of an omnichannel-ready single suite of retail applications in iVend Retail.

eBook – What’s Next for Retail: Navigating Your Business from Now into the Future

To measure up with the ever evolving customer expectations means finding solutions to address the challenges of today, while setting next generation goals that will enable you to fulfill omnichannel profitability tomorrow.

What’s Next for Retail: Navigating Your Business from Now into the Future throws light on how emerging retail technologies are affecting retailers preparation for next generation omnichannel profitability.

Brochure – The Changing Retail World

Delivering to these complex expectations means putting customers at the heart of the business, and sourcing solutions that provide one view of shoppers and what they want.

iVend Retail’s integrated solution solution enables retailers to maximize their sales and margin potential by delivering a seamless shopping experience across all channels. With iVend Retail, it is possible to develop a truly omnichannel strategy that recognizes and rewards shoppers wherever they interact.

Infographic – What does the omnichannel shopper expect?

With the rise of connected consumers, “always-on”, there’s a pressing need for retailers to deliver a new end-to-end shopping experience. This new experience natively includes the asset of the physical store, without interrupting their digital experience.

With the power of purchase lying with millenials who are Mobile, the store will bring a strong asset for the retailer bringing what ecommerce services struggle to perform: a touch experience, immediacy of product availability, advices and services. In one word, the Mobile enabled digital store will become an amplifier of the consumer digital experience.