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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials has launched last week – we hope you have already had a chance to explore its capabilities. Today, we are excited to release eight new videos that introduce you to several of its features. You can access these videos in three ways; directly within Dynamics 365 for Financials under ‘Business Assistance’, through Microsoft Video Breakdown, and on YouTube.


Business Assistance on Dynamics 365 for Financials
Dynamics 365 for Financials launched with a ‘Business Assistance’ feature available to all users to help setting up your company and to explore new features. Once you log in to your account in “My Company”, the ‘Business Assistance’ elements are shown in your role center by default. Clicking on a topic shows which forms of assistance are available.

Microsoft Video Breakdown
Introduced in September, Microsoft Video Breakdown enables you to search through a video’s content and helps you find the segments you need within a single video. Using our powerful Azure services, videos are analysed on audio tracks, grouping, differentiation of speakers, and optical character recognition.

For example, you will be able to search for ‘Forecast’ and Microsoft Video Breakdown will send you to the right segment in the right video. All eight videos created for Dynamics 365 for Financials are available on Microsoft Video Breakdown.

All videos regarding Dynamics 365 for Financials are also available on YouTube. To watch the videos immediately on YouTube, please follow the links below.

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